International Dark Sky Week 2024

International Dark Sky Week, which takes place from 2 to 8 April is, as its name suggests, a global affair, organised annually by the International Dark Sky Association. This year our programme features culture, nature and of course astronomy with 3 flagship events and something for all the family to enjoy;

Dé Céadaoin, 3 AibreánIonad Cuairteoirí Bhaile Chruaich |Pháirc Náisiúnta Néifinne Fiáine 

Réalteolaíocht do Thosaitheoirí. (1pm & 8pm)

Cuirfear an t-imeacht seo i láthair le meascán de Ghaeilge agus de Bhéarla. Taispeánfar duit conas na réada réalteolaíochta mór le rá a aimsiú sa spéir. Tá fáilte roimh dhaoine de gach aois. 

Wednesday 3rd April – Ballycroy visitor Centre – Wild Nephin National Park

Astronomy for Beginners (1pm & 8pm)

This show will be delivered with a mix of Irish and English and will show how to find famous objects in the sky. All ages welcomed.

Location Link:

Thursday 4th April – Hotel Newport – Mayo

The Amazing Swift – Reversing the Decline – Talk by Lynda Huxley of Swift Conservation Ireland

The Swift population in Ireland has seen a dramatic decline in last 30 years.  Over the past 12 years the voluntary group, Swift Conservation Mayo, has been establishing nest box projects throughout the county and we are now seeing an increase in our breeding population.  

The extent of this recovery will be measured in 2024 through a county-wide survey.

Lynda’s presentation will explore the life of the Amazing Swifts and will explain the conservation strategy and how everyone can help. As a dark sky project we were delighted to work with Swift Conservation Mayo to deliver dark sky friendly initiative at Saint Patrick’s Church in Newport – a hugely important nesting site, previously under threat from light pollution.

Saturday 6th April – Ballycroy visitor Centre – Wild Nephin National Park

Visual Astronomy Under Dark Skies

Visual Astronomy Under Dark Skies with Ronan Newman at 8pm

Join Ronan Newman for an experience of astronomy under dark skies. Ronan is the founder of Irish Astronomy Week and a passionate astronomer. Based in county Mayo he is a regular observer of the night skies and brings buckets of knowledge and enthusiasm to share with all you budding astronomers, stargazers and moon gazers!

General / Mayo Dark Sky Park info:

Georgia MacMillan

Mayo Dark Sky Park Development Officer/IRC Employment Based PhD Scholar

in partnership with NPWS and NUI Galway

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