International Dark Sky Week 2024

Lots of events for our next Dark Sky Road Show all over Mayo!  

International Dark Sky Week 2024

International Dark Sky Week, which takes place from 2 to 8 April is, as its name suggests, a global affair, organised annually by the International Dark Sky Association.On this global stage, Ireland is playing a leading role, particularly in County Mayo, home of Mayo Dark Sky Park.

Mayo Dark Sky Park consists of 15,000 hectares of natural wilderness in the Wild Nephin mountains, and it is a very special and unique place, much loved by the close-knit rural communities surrounding it. Those communities have planned a virtual roadshow of the county, taking in the dark sky communities including urban areas in Mayo who seek to reduce their light pollution. 

We are so lucky here in Mayo, as we have some of the darkest skies in Europe, a resource that the world is starting to appreciate more and more, as excessive levels of artificial light continue to obliterate our view of the night sky.   We are only now beginning to appreciate just how important natural skies are for our planet.Many of us think of science and stargazing when we think of the night sky, but it is also vitally important for biodiversity, human wellbeing and culture.

Each evening we visit a different community celebrating one of the facets of our dark sky story.  Watch this space for a new 2024 programme of events coming very soon. 

Whether you are an avid amateur stargazer, a budding naturalist or just curious about our natural world, – there is something for everyone at Mayo’s roadshow, celebrating International Dark Sky Week 2023!

General / Mayo Dark Sky Park info:

Georgia MacMillan 086 859 5166

Mayo Dark Sky Park Development Officer/

IRC Employment Based PhD Scholar in partnership with NPWS and NUI Galway

Check out our booking page on for info.  Updates coming soon!

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