Newport Lighting Master Plan Launched

The Friends of Mayo Dark Skies has released their plan for Newport to become Ireland’s first Dark Sky Friendly town with guidelines, recommendations and lighting designs provided by the team of Lighting Design Workshop (Roberto Corradini and Marco Palandella).

The lighting plan was kindly funded by the Heritage Council and presents a vision for best practice lighting, arising from consultation with community and environmental groups. 

Mayo is leading the way on this unique dark sky initiative, and with the support of the Heritage Council, this is presented as a ‘living lab’ and a transferable plan for other areas to follow.a transferable plan for other areas to follow. lemon drops tart lollipop brownie

Duncan Stewart, Patron of Friends of Mayo Dark Skies, 2020

​It is hoped that the flagship projects within the plan; the lighting of St Patrick’s Church and the Viaduct Bridge in Newport town will be implemented following the designs which gently illuminate the structures maintaining integrity, whilst also making a huge reduction to the town’s existing light pollution emissions, which are largely due to the lighting of these structures. 

View the New Plan here

Church Lighting

Lighting design for St Patrick’s Church Newport

Designs show how internal lighting could enhance the visual experience of the famous Harry Clarke windows at night time for the community. 

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